The nuances of Email ticketing

Enterprises armed with a successful customer service toolkit at their disposal not only improve customer satisfaction levels but – customer retention as well.

Aligning with effective customer support strategies are multi channel customer interaction platforms, which add to your brand’s value as a customer-centric product/service provider.

Using a non-voice channel like email ticketing as a complimentary support option provides a more effective, record based and a convenient way for customers to get in touch with your customer service team. The Email channel is more suited to handle processes that involve sharing of documents , technical related support tickets and others that require a more detailed and an accurate description of the subject matter.

“Email interactions are easier to retrieve and review than voice recordings”

When compared to other channels of support, email is by far a frontrunner in terms of the trust factor, accessibility, cost-efficiency, and traceability.

Support queries that are sent over an email add a sense of seriousness to the concerns of the customers and since they are documented, email tickets move up the priority matrix of SLAs as compared to voice records that are difficult to retrieve.

As most users now have easy access to email tools through their smartphones at all times, business customers prefer it over voice based support for various reasons.

One of the biggest advantages is the integration of email support systems into other channels like chat. The results are tangible with increased ROI. Besides, user IDs or ticket numbers, support through emails favors traceability by the customer support team as well as the user. This allows both concerned parties to keep a tab on whether or not an issue was resolved in time.

Embracing the Multi-Channel Strategy

The paradigm of connecting with customers was predominantly a single-avenue operation that was exclusively over the phone. The increasing adoption of alternate forms of communication has necessitated a multi-channel approach to customer service and support. Even today, the phone conversation remains the most efficient and effective form of distance communication while many customers prefer the convenience and discretion of email and live chat.

In the battle of phone vs. email vs. live chat, there are no clear winners, and hence an ideal solution would be a multi-channel strategy for providing personalized and excellent support to your customers.

Data Security takes Centrestage

As enterprises opt for CCaaS ( Contact Centre As A Service) providers, many business applications like CRM, Email ticketing, dialer, Lead Management systems are being delivered on a SaaS model. This has resulted in huge cost savings for small and medium enterprises along with other intangible benefits. However, data security has become a primary concern of many enterprises and large organizations operating in key sectors like Finance, Healthcare, Telecom, E-commerce and Government.

As email based customer support is primarily used by enterprises for handling queries for processes like KYC that involves sharing of documents containing personal data of customers, it becomes imperative to make sure that all the data security standards are complied with. The other aspect is the ownership of responsibility to safeguard customer data. Therefore, there is still a strong need for deploying email ticketing software within the enterprise data centre, private cloud or on pure cloud infrastructure that is managed by the IT team of the enterprise.

IraHelpDesk from Epicode

Epicode’s IraHelpDesk is an advanced ticketing platform that is specifically designed and developed for enterprises that consider data security to be of primary importance in their customer engagement strategy. While data security is at the core of Sahaya’s design principle, it also enables enterprises to automate their business processes using Sahaya’s Robotasker, a rule engine module.

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