“Embrace the Transition towards Hybrid and Pure Cloud communication services to manage your customer engagement”

At Epicode, we strive to unlock your business’s true potential and improve your competitive advantage using technology. Optimize and enhance the overall efficiency of your customer outreach by partnering with us.

“Making a positive difference through innovation”

Epicode’s Products and Solutions are designed to address complex technical challenges, are highly scalable and strenuously tested to meet the demanding performance requirements of today’s business processes.

Introducing the next generation Business Process Automation Platform

As more and more enterprises realize the importance of sharing information across their business applications and implementing process automation to improve efficiency, it becomes imperative to choose a technology platform that caters to their unique business requirements.
Epicode’s BPA platform "Robotasker" is designed for multi-environment deployments and can be provided either on a SAAS model or deployed on the customer’s private cloud or on their existing on-premise data centers.

EPICODE Solutions

Epicode’s products form the core of its solution offering. The “Epicode Solution framework” supports different types of third party integration and deployment architectures depending on the business case, while meeting the local regulatory requirements of the country where it is being deployed.


An advanced ticketing software that can be deployed either on-premise or in the private cloud infrastructure of medium and large enterprises.
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Epicode’s CTE range of middleware products enable business applications like CRM, Lead management Systems and Campaign managers with Auto dialer, click to call and Call Progress Analysis ( CPA) capabilities through easy to use API integration.
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IraDialer - The API based Dialer for the Cloud

IraDialer, part of Epicode’s “ Cloud Telephony Enablers” is an API based dialer software that can seamlessly integrate with SaaS applications like CRM, LMS, Campaign Managers, etc to handle outbound voice campaigns.
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Featured Solution


A bidirectional voice streamer that interfaces telephony services with conversational voice AI applications. It includes an API Dialer, Call recording, Conference module, Trunk manager, QOS monitor and CPA.

It supports both Inbound and outbound voice traffic and can integrate with PSTN or any PBX over E1 or SIP protocol while communicating with the conversational AI application over WebSockets.

The high speed communication between the telephony switches and the VoiceAI engines is enabled via NATS platform.

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Empower your CRM with Flute, the Telephony Enabler Stack